Rice Framing Skyscraper

By:  | October - 25 - 2022

2022 Skyscraper Competition
Editors’ Choice

Do Thi Hong Nhung, Do Xuan Vu, Nguyen Trung Hieu

Today, urbanization and industrialization in Vietnam has led to massive loss of natural and agricultural land (equal to the area of Singapore). This, in turn, has led people to losing jobs and real estate, breaking traditional architecture and changing their lifestyle. Those especially affected by these notions live in peripheral, transitional and urban areas. Additionally, the problem of climate change in the Mekong Delta of southern Vietnam is of utmost importance. The Delta is Vietnam’s largest rice exporter and is drowned by 1m saltwater from the ocean. Combined with seasonal flooding of Vietnam’s Midlands the question of climate change is still yet to be answered.

From the abovementioned problems, restoring the agricultural and natural land is key. The solution is to create the vertical wet rice field. The idea is to restore agricultural land lost in the past and ensure food security in the future.

The proposed idea is to create a satellite sub-urban complex based on the wet rice civilization. This is considere the cradle to form a resident community, which is combine according to the settlement, sedentary farming and village culture. The work is the transformation of the traditional village lifestyle from horizontal to vertical. This transformation will create a change in the way of life, but the task of the project is to keep the quintessence of the Vietnamese countryside. The most obvious manifestation of this transformation is the spiral morphology. This form is both the integration of two horizontal and vertical elements in the same form, as well as an expression of progression

It has been proved that when in hard conditions, the struggle to survive and to guarantee a future for the specie force rice and most plants too increase seed productivity. The computerised drip irrigation system do not water the soil but the single plant only when needed keeping it always “thirsty enough” to produce more.

Integrating with agricultural industrialization and the issues of urbanization as well as energy and ecological environment towards a complex of vertical circular development. The conflict arises from the occupation of natural land by industry and agriculture for production. With the idea of ​​integrating the fertilizer industry, food processing, … in the base block. Floating to the surface is a strip of green trees connecting with the wet rice spiral above. Industry is blended into the green of the land to help free up and make the most of the space below. Combine the application of hydrogen energy to replace fossil energy, solve the problem of water transport, produce energy without polluting the environment

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