This installation and seating place in one was made of 13700m of woven rope, strung through steel frames. Creating optical illusion, this colossal piece is questioning boundaries of human perception. Screenplay was created for this year’s Dwell on Design festival in Los Angeles, by Oyler Wu Collaborative.

Almost static in orthographic projection, the wall unit is clearly recognized as organized series of patterns. But as the fourth dimension is activated by the viewer’s moving around the piece, the situation dramatically changes and the unit reveals its complex nature, oscillating between series of twisted surfaces and intriguing play of cavities and material densities.

The structure stretches along 6.5 meters and is made from lightweight steel frames systematically wrapped in rope. Fantastic geometry demanded tremendous precision and highly synchronized team work. As structural design had to follow the need for dynamism and visual continuity, it led to the exploration of methods introducing geometric complexity along with the necessity for greater degree of viewer’s engagement.

Screenplay’s creator states that the concept explores uses of materials, vividly playing with viewer’s perception, mimicking 3d optical illusion while performing as street furniture.

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