Part of a masterplan for the revitalization of the area, the Slough Bus Station is a 130 meter-long canopy structure that accommodates bus driver facilities, a waiting room and a ticket office, along with additional service facilities. The primary function of the project is to create a transport interchange with the rail station providing new, safe, efficient and enjoyable public transport facilities. The tubular structure of the station wraps a two-storey building and covers the public route from the rail station through to the center of Slough.

Matthew Bedward, one of the founding partners of Bblur Architecture states: “We took the opportunity to significantly improve pedestrian permeability between the train station and the town centre. Our client tasked us to create a memorable front door for Slough. The form of the building derives from the idea of different wavelengths of light inspired by Astronomer Royal, William Herschel’s discovery of infra-red waves in 1800 while a resident of Slough.”

The building is clad in aluminium shingles creating a softly textured metallic surface which constantly changes character with the varying light conditions. When the Heart of Slough master plan is complete the bus station will be surrounded by five 8 to 14 storey office buildings. The Bus Station is an urban object with the design considered from all aspects, passengers underneath and office workers viewing from above. Its sculptural form and the design of the hard landscaping will provide a counterpoint to the rectilinear corporate architecture. The associated public realm and infrastructure works are currently on site and due for completion early in 2012.

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