The aim of the “Solar Loop” designed by Paolo Venturella & MenoMenoPiu Architects is to expose more surface to the southern solar rays. The shape comes directly from the solar diagrams, the structure follows the sun at its best angle; almost like an ¬†artificial sunflower.

The aesthetic of the sculpture is the result of this dialogue that becomes synthesis between the solar power and Freshkills park.

This landmark will organize the park life inside and outside.¬†Potentially it could be thought as a no-dimension element that could be multiplied in different sizes on the park’s needs, to yield energy and living spaces.

Thinking in small it could be a shelter, thinking in big could be an arena to organize medium/big events inside such as concerts, sport events, lectures; ready to be the new reference point for the park’s visitors.

The “Solar Loop” is composed by two different surfaces that twist one into the other. The first one is the photovoltaic surface always exposed to the sun with the more performative angle, the second is the mirrored surface that reflects all the surrounding to multiply the spectacularity of the landscape as a single either multiple landmark.

The Freshkills’ East area is the most sunny part of the park all the year long, and the easiest accessed park visually connected with the Manhattan Skyline.

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