The project can be interpreted as an attempt to create an urban landmark and a new identity for contemporary Taiwanese architecture. As a result of collaboration between two firms, OODA and OOIIO, the design won the Merit Award at the Taiwan Conceptual Tower International Competition in 2010.

The 300 meters high tower would include offices for Taichung City Government, leisure and recreational functions, retail and educational centers and the new Museum of Taichung City Development. The three entrances are located in three separate volumes joining approximately at the middle of the rise. The main body of the structure would accommodate most of the public activities. The sky lobbies form sightseeing zones offering numerous views of the city.

Conceptually, the building integrates several design approaches:  the formal references to diamond cutting industry are linked to the structural logic and iconic significance of the Eiffel Tower. The jagged edges resemble the Origami folding processes with resulting geometry clearly evoking the Taiwan’s star-look flag. The seemingly random volumetric disposition was achieved through careful analysis of structural hierarchy and optimal insolation levels.

The design is conceived as a new gateway for Taichung area, offering ever changing perception of the building as the visitors navigate through its surroundings. The three volumes rising from the ground shelter the plaza below, creating an intimate gathering place and a pleasant resting area for the city inhabitants.

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