The Cloud House designed by Axis Mundi is a planned weekend retreat, which is situated on a promontory high along a ridge of the Colorado Plateau. The site offers panoramic views from numerous vantage points. The house is nestled in a grove of dramatic Aspen trees.

The design is a study in openness, transparency, lightness, and reflections. The house approaches near invisibility at certain times of the year. The floor plan is an abstract interpretation of a cumulus cloud shape transformed into a series of five rotated and elliptically shaped glass pods. The combined spaces have a softly nuanced suppleness based on the way the forms are hinged together. Each pod is an individual room having a distinct programmatic function. Room openings were created at the interstitial space where the pods meet. Interior doors have been reduced to a minimum. The overall design is a loose, free-form assemblage which is informed by its unique relationship to the site, and offers an incomparable meeting place of earth and sky.

Programmatically the house contains an entry pod, kitchen/dining areas, bedroom/storage/bathroom, living area, and a study/bar/powder room. The spaces have a porous and smooth flow between one another which offers exceptional opportunities for living and entertaining.

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