Although lacking an intriguing name, the “Multi-Storey Building” designed by Athens-based Kois Associated Architects has a very intriguing facade. Backed up against a living green wall, the mixed use building for Amman, Jordon, was designed after a study of Jordanian architecture, which informed the final volume of the building. A traditional block glass walled building is covered in a veil that has openings or shadings depending on the corresponding need for the program on that level. The veil acts as a boundary to the city, and the entrances on the street level are like gates into the building, providing a transition zone to those entering.

The mixed use building includes eight levels of retail, office and residential space, with the retail on the bottom, office in the middle and the top floors with residential flats. Office and retail space are organized like a traditional bazaar, which the architects considered a “paradigm structure of the merchandising local practice, which comprises a vibrant hub for social interaction.” A main path works its way around through working spaces or stores, which like a path through a bazaar, which facilitates commerce. The top floor, which is the most private level, houses two single family flats.


Set against a green background of a living wall, the building is framed in the city and set apart from its surroundings, “responding to the green border encountered between the neighboring building blocks”. Vegetation also helps clean the air from city pollution and pumps back fresh air into the environment. The variegated facade with it’s openings and shadings allows natural daylight in and keeps it out where it is not wanted. Striking from the exterior with bee-hive like influences and a lush backdrop, the “Multi-Storey Building” could be an interesting addition to the center of Jordan’s capital.

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