Nicknamed ‘The Octopus’ for its distinctive shape, MAKE Architect’s 49.5 meter tower singularly rises above the m4 motorway in Chiswick, London. The controversial proposal, first rejected for it elaborate signage which was considered a distraction to traffic, has been newly unveiled but still maintains the distinctive shape and LED skin which will project advertisements and information for motorists. The LEDs are set in “cups” to reduce glare light pollution and energy density but allow the building to change character. The design is intended to draw attention to itself, not only revitalizing the site but reinvigorating local development and becoming a architectural landmark for London’s West End.

The mixed use building will hold offices and an upper gallery. Most floors will be screened with a mesh façade to hold the LED and signage system but maintain views and reduce solar gain. The street level floor spreads out in eight segments, introducing greenery into the façade itself and mimicking the transportation infrastructure of the immediate surrounding area. The upper gallery is to be fully accessible to the public, becoming a sanctuary of sorts. High above the movement and lights of urban energy will be a small indoor forest retreat.

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