Editors’ Choice
2020 Skyscraper Competition

Jung Seung Won, Yoon Joon Hyuk
South Korea

Plants and animals are becoming extinct at the fastest rate ever known in human history. As environmental issues and human exploitations have changed the ecosystem and climate, many species on Earth are in danger to be disappeared or become extinct. In response, a lot of research institutes are organized to preserve species and ecosystems, but it is not enough to break through this Dystopia.

As we believed that the new skyscraper will able to cover this serious environmental problem, the building which is helpful for the endangered species’ preservation and prosperity was came out. Based on the climate classification of Köppen, the”SEEDs” have 25 climates. Every floor represents each climate and possesses 5 single modules that function as preserving incubators. Noticeable species will be preserved and monitored in here to take care of. The most important function is not only preserving them but also taking incubators out and grafting species to actual habitats.

For this reason, the “SEEDs” have two different types of space. One is the pocket spaces for an incubator, the other one is just a fixed nature area. The incubators are usually connected to other areas by eco-bridge, but it can be detached from the “SEEDs” and be carried to natural habitat when the species thrive properly in incubators. After detached from the building, the modules will be carried to their destination by helicopter.

After arriving at their sites, the solar panels and humidity control system of each module will be maintained for some period of time to make species adjust to their circumstances. Finally, if species adapt properly, remaining structures of modules will come back to the “SEEDs”. These circular process will be helpful for the prevention of species’ extinctions and natural issues.

Corresponding to this purpose, this building has a stationary landscape area and pocket spaces for the incubator’s embedding. The structure of this building formed by hexagonal geometry that accommodates individual modules. Also, the advantage of this design is to create dynamic landscapes and contours. In a planar perspective, this structure is comprised of triple layers. The plat exterior layer and sloping middle one create pocket zones for incubators to take care and preserve a specific species. The inner one is connecting the whole area like eco-bridge. It helps species be connected with others which are already subsisted on the platform.

To manage the temperature and humidity of each climate, one suitable mechanical core was placed on the side of the building. This core includes a research center, elevators, and huge water pipes. From these central control system, mechanical pipes which control temperature and humidity extend to individual climate platforms and each incubator. The reason why we collected all the different ecologies at the same place is this rationality and centrality. As a universal type of skyscraper, the “SEEDs” can be applied to anywhere and anytime. Through this building, we look forward to recovering and prospering of species and if go further, regeneration of the earth.

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