The Slumber Hotel

By:  | July - 14 - 2016


This hotel designed by Zahra Safaverdi at Harvard Graduate School of Design is a mixture of an exclusive entertainment club and a bizarre hotel, curates an amplified manipulated atmosphere for sleeping, harvests the dream data via MRI scanners, and mix and manipulates the collected dreams for further projection as a new form of spectacle to inspire the members and to plant new dreams.

Tucked away from the public access in a private courtyard, the Slumber hotel doesn’t completely hide from the eyes of the spectators. Although the fantastical world of sleeping is concealed in a banal cladding,and hides behind multiple layers, words of the happening inside gets around. The hotel is completely unassuming from the outside and that makes the bizarre world of the interior more shocking. The project functions based on juxtaposition of distant realities. The more the relationship between the two juxtaposed realities is distant, the stronger the effect will be.

Slumber hotel’s atmosphere is inherently immersive and is Excessive in nature. Continues surfaces eliminate the perception of corners, ground, walls, roof, and coming together of it all. The sleeping, zone where the sleeping pods are located, is a maze like space where circulation become occupy-able and layering plays an important role in the orchestrated reading of places. The perpetual state of twilight eliminates the sense of time and the whimsical atmosphere does not let the individual to be bored for a second. This public space is the manifestation of strange new species, extreme new UMWelt, and an experimental typology. The Slumber Hotel creates objects of value that belong to the collective imaginations and comments on social issues in a playful manner.

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