The Sovereignty Skyscraper

By:  | January - 25 - 2024

Editors’ Choice
2023 Skyscraper Competition

Bartosz Pszczółkowski

We live in a world of connections. A world of relational networks designed to ensure security and peace in a reality in which the decisions of individuals can determine the fate of millions of people. In the light of recent events in eastern Europe or prior ones in the Middle East, we can infer that maybe we should not rely as fully and as blindly as we have so far on interdependencies such as the international supply chain and mutual assured destruction. It seems increasingly important to strike the right balance between reliance and autonomy, especially in a world where so many voices count for so little.

The project is an attempt to write the first chapter of a new, better future for Iraq, a country facing a rapidly deepening water crisis—yet another hurdle after a history of severe injustice, military conflicts, religious and political extremism, and international social and economic alienation.

The main idea is to create an oasis, an almost completely independent system capable of meeting all of the basic needs of the Iraqis. Its focal point would be a kilometer-tall, non-habitable tower, pumping and purifying water from the underground. It would be used for the production of food and electricity, which would then be distributed to the surrounding settlements, and all people in need.

The system is intended to use underground waters, in particular those that are currently unfit for human consumption, primarily in areas where drilling, due to the depth of water-bearing layers, is especially difficult and generates exponentially high costs It is estimated that by 2030, Iraq’s water demand will reach nearly 70 cubic kilometers, with agriculture accounting for up to 60 percent of the total demand. The project is based around the use of modern vertical farms for more efficient food production. A solution that allows for the saving of up to 95% of the water used for irrigation.

The aim is to raise the standard of living of the Iraqi general public to at least an acceptable minimum and enable them to embark on a new path of development for their country after years of dependence on their neighbors, distant foreign powers, and the natural conditions of the region. It has been known for a long time that the basis for a healthy and prosperous country is the comfort and freedom enjoyed by its citizens in their everyday lives. The Sovereignty is to be a foundation for building a better future for Iraq.

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