The steel, cocoon-like structure represents a parametrically altered design of a typical fence.  What is supposed to function primarily as a demarcation tool is developed into an element that accentuates the 3-dimensionality of space. It is fragmentized, as if under the influence of powerful tectonic forces, pulling the initially linear structure in different directions. Not only does it frame the views of the surroundings, it creates an awareness of space that reveals its true potentials. The garden is transformed into a versatile environment, partly covered, withdrawn and protected, with a canopy sheltering a pool and a seating area. Seen from afar, it has a sculptural quality of a biomorphic structure that mimics the existing organic patterns of its surroundings.

With integrated panels following the concave form of the supporting structure, the surface segments of the fence develop in the central area in relation to the steel structure from the inside to the outside and dissolve more and more along the vertical. The frame construction has diagonally running circular tube profiles for out crossing and plate attachment. The frames consist of solid welded flat steel profiles. The not entirely closed shell is constructed with diamond shaped plates which are fixed by tabs on the diagonals and in case can be turned around their axis.

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