Titanium Retractable Fountain Pen

By:  | January - 29 - 2024

Architects and designers love a great sketching pencil and a great fountain pen. These are the main tools used to quickly communicate and pin down ideas. Drawings remain the genesis of ideas, which are later developed with the use of computer software.

In the world of fountain pens, there are very few options for a retractable nib. A retractable nib is one that comes out of the pen without the need to remove a cap- like a push-button ballpoint pen. It is very convenient because you can have the writing experience of a fountain pen, with the readiness of a ballpoint pen. You can start writing and sketching immediately without the need to remove a cap. For many years, the only two options available were the Vanishing Point fountain pen designed by Pilot in the 1960’s and the Lamy Dialog designed in 2009.

In early 2024, ēnsso unveiled the BOLT a new retractable fountain pen alternative with an innovative silicone seal at the tip that keeps the nib chamber air-tight. The silicone seal has an ‘X’ cut that allows the nib to go through and naturally seals off when the nib is retracted. For quick, one-hand operation, this pen relies on a bolt-action mechanism in which a knock at the end of the pen is pushed forward to extend the nib. As soon as the knock is moved away from the lock position, the spring automatically retracts the nib. This simple solution is ideal and has minimal components.

The BOLT is entirely precision-machined from grade-5 titanium for durability and lightness. It also comes equipped with an ink converter for bottled ink. Its nib system is interchangeable and nibs in fine point and medium point are offered. The pen is currently available to preorder on Kickstarter for $84.

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