The “Slum Dweller,” a skyscraper designed by architects Monica Copaja and Angel Tenorio , is a project  that seeks to “bring light” to the city of Lima.

The city has, in recent years, been rapidly expanding, the architects say, growing in a disorganized manner, with density creating a “desperate” need amongst the people for private ownership of land. What the architects propose is to build an inspiring tower of many important uses in the San Cristobal Hill area, one that has long inspired awe: the Hill was a sacred ritual site for the native pre-Columbian people of Lima, and has remained a favorite spot in the city thanks to its impressive skyline vistas.

The lower levels of the skyscraper will be used to better the social services of the city, and will feature uses such as a communal kitchen, a children’s nursery, and a sports hall. In the middle zone, workshops and a school will educate people of all ages. And on the top levels, a cultural zone with art galleries, auditoriums, conference rooms and a library will enrich the lives of those who visit.

The tower, which is a tall stack of cube units, will regenerate a struggling area of the city, and create a fair, equal sector for the people. What Copaja and Tenorio hope to do more with their design, they say, is to inspire people to work to better themselves, and to work for a better place to live

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