Vertical Farm in Prague

By:  | August - 2 - 2010

Vertical farms seem to be one of the best solutions for encouraging agriculture in the cities. They are a smart solution where transportation costs and pollutants are reduced. This proposal conceived by Michaela Dejdarova and Michal Votruba is located in the outskirts of Prague, Czech Republic and it is intended to be a communal farm for the city. The structure consists of clusters of tetrahedrons grouped to create an exoskeleton that peels from the ground and supports hundreds of green terraces for agriculture. The novelty of the idea is that it could be developed in stages because of the modularity of all the components. It could grow and spread according to demands and could also be easily dismantled and transported to other locations. As with other vertical farms this project uses rainwater collection systems and solar panels as its main source of water and energy.

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