Budapest architecture firm Építész Stúdió has designed a “Village in the Air” to compete in this year’s A101 Bock City Competition in Moscow.

Though the apartment complex, a series of connected buildings, is raised on stilts, the complex as a whole has been designed horizontally, with the idea of a spread-out village as the largest and best way to group people residentially. The architects capped the height for the buildings within the village at four stories. Some buildings will have only two or three stories, but with four, the buildings will match the height of the surrounding trees, bringing the built environment in line with nature.

Further greening the complex is the fact that the buildings are elevated off the ground, meaning the whole surface of the village can act as a park. Green roofs symbolically connect the building tops with the ground underneath in addition to providing environmental benefits.

Well-defined courtyards and atriums help break the large-scale village into smaller pockets of neighbors, making the complex as a whole more personal. There will be 150 apartment units in the complex, which will have a total floor space of 15,000 square meters.

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