Walking on the Sky

By:  | February - 25 - 2010

Project submitted to the 2007 Skyscraper Competition
Designed by: Nelson Byun, Laddawan Prawatyotin, Travis Delingua


This proposal examines the possibility of building a plane of mirrors suspended in the sky where we will be able to walk and experience being free in the sky. This project joins other continuous monument ideas like the ones proposed by Superstudio.

“Above a city that can seem to breathe in when you breathe out, a natural space to reflect, to meditate and for a moment escape the urban skyline is difficult to find. In a city that seems boundless in every direction, it is then almost instinctive that we look vertically for contemplation.”

“Virtually floating above the urban landscape is a plane of mirrors, and it is here that you will be surrounded by a seemingly endless sky in all directions. Here you are not only a quiet observer looking above, but an active participant walking on the sky.”



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