The Watching You Chair was presented this year at the International Furniture Fair in Singapore, within the young talent zone ‘platform’. Designed by Tokyo-based Koji Sekita Design the project is a prototype of a honeycomb-like seating structure that can vary in length. Each structure can become a mechanism that can be freely adjusted by the number of combinations of the size of the chair.  Experimentations in the fields of accumulation and replication, Sekita’s signature preoccupations, are found in the manufacturing process of the Watching You Chair.

Composed of paper sheets, the cardstock is scored and folded in a zigzag pattern. Because this combination does not use or bis bond, the assembly can be easily dismantled, saving on fuel and transportation costs. The material allows folding while retaining strength and durability.  The chair is easy to recycle as it has no fixings holding it together; it is lightweight, easy to move and simple to transport in its unassembled form.

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