The Water Building Resort not only addresses issues of sustainability through futuristic technological experiments, but also explores financial profitability of those concepts. Its associative form (inspired by the shape of a water drop) suggests its programmatic purpose. The design of the building allows integrating renewable energy through its reception and optimization. Part of the fa├žade is covered by photovoltaic cells of the latest generation- able to gather sun energy while achieving high level of transparency. The opposite side of the building uses its lattice structure to drive the humid air inwards, transforming it through a complex technological process into drinkable water. The air is further used to generate electricity for other equipment. The production is based on the condensation of the humid air and its concentration in the sea water, taking advantage of daily evaporation and night condensation values. The technology needed for the process relies on Teex Micron, a High-Tech mechanism of water generators incorporated into the building.

The project is a dedicated Resort with an Aquarium, Restaurants, Gyms, Hotel, Spa service, Congresses, Conferences and permanent or itinerant Exhibitions rooms, whose main activities (among others) will be thematically related to the universe of Water, the environment and renewable energy sources, their use, solutions, supplies and investigation. The building would also house The Center of Technological Investigation (Cidemco) which controls quality of industrial products.

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