Designed by Meridian 105 Architecture, ‘Weave Housing’ is a design proposal for an urban mixed use complex in Denver CO, with 160 apartment units, retail and parking. Inspired by a children’s potholder loom, the facade texture supports multiple interior apartment arrangements with units occupying one or two bays in width, and one or two levels in height, allowing for flexibility and plan variety. By weaving occupiable volumes across the facade, private balconies and overhangs are created, establishing zones of natural shading and meeting the desired passive energy strategy. The long dimension of each apartment unit is stretched parallel to the corridors, taking advantage of natural light and views while minimizing the depth light is asked to penetrate the space.

Constructed of prefabricated, factory built parts, facade components will be shipped to the site and hoisted into place, facilitating greater precision and rapid construction time. High performance materials are proposed, including argon filled, insulated glazing units with low-e coatings and shading frit patterns, achieving high thermal values while maintaining facade transparency and light transmittance. Lightweight insulating concrete reduces cold bridging at cantilevered balconies and reduces overall building weight and foundation sizing.

The agressive prefabrication strategy targets the building enclosure, minimizing construction duration and freeing money for investment in superior materials.

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