Hollywood, CA architectural firm, 5+design, conceptualized the retail and civic areas for the 3.3 million square metered Yongsan International Business District, a project that represents the largest single development in Seoul, South Korea and perhaps the world. The central retail spine components integrate the buildings with the landscape and the Han river. Street-level retail structures are three to five stories tall and arranged in clusters like villages.

Each village is a distinct district devoted to various retail aspects including global luxury goods, sports or local culture, with architectural styles ranging from traditional to contemporary that imitate the way cities and neighborhoods grow organically over time. Three underground retail levels feed into an outdoor pedestrian promenade, the Dragon Valley, which links Yongsan train station to the Han river and forms the primary public gathering space for the project.

5+design, the global creative design studio whose award winning architectural, planning, urban planning and interior designs span across nations, has risen to such international acclaim as the result of its culminating style that integrates practicality with boundless elemental form. With projects that range from a 10 million square foot design in Dongguan to ultra-modern condos in Westwood, CA, 5+design , 5+design continues its reach for innovation as it leads the future of retail, residential and civic design.

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