A new paradigm of design based on three concepts from the Korean way of life: abstractness, life, and human nature is the main concept for TASK Architects’ proposal for the Busan Opera House.

TASK started working on the project to create great memorable moments for the visitors from the minute they approach the site. The architects designed three main exterior spaces, the entrance space as the visitors paths under the huge cantilever, the main exterior plaza, designed to be completely isolated, an escape from the city life; and the sky terrace which visitors can easily access from the exterior plaza.

The project consists of three main halls, the first is a 2000-seat great hall which was created form a one surface that was digitally manipulated and designed to match the project needs including acoustic design while maintaining a simple look that’s so defying to the classical over decorated opera hall. The second one is a multipurpose hall designed to be transformable with multiple entrances and a mechanized floor, and the third program is a small 300-seat theatre along with an adjacent convention center. The whole components are housed under one large universal space.

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