Honorable Mention
2013 Skyscraper Competition

Liangpeng Chen, Yating Chen, Lida Huang, Gaoyan Wu, Lin Yuan

The abandoned Shenfu Dongsheng coalfield, was China’s largest coal-producing base goaf. The goaf not only influenced the local soil and land, but also wasted the terrestrial heat at a large scale whit a lot of consequences such as collapse,debris flow and soil erosion, destruction of building and cropland, atmosphere pollution etc.

The project proposes to reuse the goaf and part of the pipelines on the working platforms. The vertical pipelines will work as the chief transportation system. The main volumes are deposited in the site.

Applying principles used in miner, the horizontal skyscraper will use the existing vertical miner elevator systems as a way of transportation. The housing and habitable space will be underground , supported by vertical tube that will bring fresh air in the water will be taken from the underground soil trough advanced and explorative techniques and will be heated by geothermal processes. The terrestrial heat is used to cultivate the saplings and then the grown trees are replanted on the mountains to renovate the worn-out land.

The hole complex will have different features and programs such as housing, office, tourism, commercial, crop etc. each one located in a strategic place in the mountain heigh.

In order to continue the life style in the cave which was lasted for thousands years, the local life style take advantage of the mountain life. The residences are built along the surface of the mountains. In this way, the project takes the most advantage of local water and soil.

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