A proposal by Budi Pradono Architects for the Stockholm Public Library is based on a suspended slab set upon two large transparent pilotis. The simple conceptual form provides multiple benefits, anticipating a complex program to accomplish the difficult task for a contemporary library as both public venue and research retreat.

The library’s two collection floors are elevated to provide a more welcoming street front with a large plaza forming at the base of the building. The transparent columns contain various public spaces to engage group activities such as studios, an auditorium, restaurant, news room and reading areas as well as a office. The open view shed protected by the large mass above provides an open and compelling space to socialize in, acting as a communications hub for the city.

The main two levels stretch out over the site and contain the main book collections. Reading areas punctuate the floor plates, dipping below and opening to the ceiling where daylight glazing is incorporated into the roof deck. The reading pod’s oval shape contrasts with the monolithic slab, creating an informal area for research and immersion. The various apertures between the two floors also are intended to stimulate knowledge exchange among the library’s varied collections.

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