Honorable Mention
2013 Skyscraper Competition

Ekkaphon Puekpaiboon

Mankind has always face the threat of extinction, from an extreme natural disaster.

“Zero” is a radical skyscraper, designed to ensure mankind’s survival after global devastation. Like an emergency toolbox, it will be the starting point to the reestablish social order through digital communication and information exchange.

“Zero” will provide the crucial elements to support life and to rebuild our existence, even if we had to start from zero. The key element to ensure that humanity is not lost is information. We live in the digital age. Communication and knowledge It is our most important resources today.

“Zero” is dedicated to gathering information; an online data vault to make sure human knowledge is not lost. Government, institutes and organization around the globe are able to upload information to “Zero” data vault. Anything considered important from architectural construction, agricultural planning, scientific records, language translation, or even family photos can be stored within this data vaults. If a “Zero” is destroyed, the data will not be lost as they are duplicated and shared around the world among other “Zero” units.

The skyscraper is designed to be site in strategic locations across the globe. Once the tower is activated, these data will be accessible and shared among the survivors to rebuild our society. With the right knowledge and the right guidance, anything is achievable. The building it’s self-sufficient and capable to support life by providing it with all the necessary resources including energy, shelter, food, water, and information.

The skyscraper also has detachable pods that contained essential materials for establishing settlement elsewhere outside of “Zero” ground. Equipped with communication tools and other important devices, the pods remain in contact with its mother tower and encourage urban sprawl.

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