Honorable Mention
2013 Skyscraper Competition

Ivan Maltsev, Artem Melnik

The form of a skyscraper is a growing crystal – a structure characterized by the inconstancy and regularity of its elements. The height of the units ranges from 130 to 180 m. At the full height, in the center of Multipurpose Research Complex (MNC), is a static rod – a quantum safe energy source, which will produce energy in the required quantity. The center of quantum computing, greenhouses, walking tracks and, aeration blocks are placed in immediate proximity.

The external crystal structure of the building is mobile and can be transformed depending on the configuration of the plan and the conditions of research, to flow into one another, forming a transition between the other MNCs. Transparent gateways for people access to the building are located at different heights while the ground floors are occupied by technical units, air purification, and transportation compartments – 10% of the total area. The research part is the largest part of the building, different laboratories, lecture halls, and areas for meditation are located here taking up 65%. The information part takes 4-5 floors and comprises a media center, a cafe, and a conference room – 25%.

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