Honorable Mention
2019 Skyscraper Competition

Tsung-Ying,Hsieh, Hsuan-Ting, Huang

Based on the report of urban planning in Singapore, our chosen domain is gene storage in 2100. Estimates based on bacterial genetics suggest that digital DNA could one day rival or exceed today’s storage technology. Gene Tower is like a home tree between citizen and a huge seed that symbolizes the gene carrier. Gene Tower provides a new strategy of gene storage for big data. Synchronously, it brings an idea of delighted sharing and environmentally friendly lifestyle to the rapid development of city.

Through a plasma material, we save data in a steel cable. People upload their data towards the tower. If data reaches a certain amount of upload, tower skin changes color at any time. Storing gene is a static activity; saving big data is a dynamic activity. The interaction provides an ambient experience like a cosmic dance.

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