Honorable Mention
2017 Skyscraper Competition

Kristina Rykova


Moscow can’t breathe anymore due to non-stopping traffic jams. The transportation system needs to be improved- radical solutions are needed. The analysis revealed the problem of the underground transportation system is that they lack connection to some metro branches, there are long intervals between trains, and problems with transfers between the stations are frequent. There is also the problem of inability to get from one periphery area to another without passing through the center, that is, the so-called pendulum movement “from the periphery-to the center-to the periphery”.

This problem can be solved by the formation of a new transportation system and the emergence of a new type of transport. To solve this problem has been created additional chords to the existing system on which the train will move. This is a string-rail system, located on poles, like a monorail, but is more environmentally friendly, low-cost, allowing to develop more speed and allow to set support poles wide apart.

Transportation chords will connect disjoint metro station and highway, at the intersection of which must be located multifunctional transport hub, including not only transferring from one type of transport to another, but also the social and cultural functions which are needed in this area. Also multifunctional object should become a new attraction point in the area. The location of the transport hub has been selected at the Vykhino metro station. This is the busiest station of the Moscow metro, because it is the intersection of railways and subways. Also monotonous types of buildings dominate this area and it does not have its point of attraction.

Artistic image

Growing out of the massive stepped foundation the project looks like a  needle aiming at a pain point and spreading its healing effect on the destroyed environment.

On the ground floor there is a train and metro platform from which people can either leave immediately or go to the other floors of the tower. The platform, on which comes monorail is on the 7th floor. In addition to public transport, transportion hub has mechanical tower parking.

Located on the first seven floors of the tower, but also there is a winter garden five floors height, located in the living tower. On the second floor there is a farmer’s market, small trade and cafes, as well as a small public garden in the open air. On the third floor there are sports facilities – swimming pool, climbing wall, outdoor tennis and basketball courts. The fourth and fifth floors are co-working area.

The living tower is located above the monorail platform. Tower structure allows having flats across species. For example, there are floors completely given over 1 apartment of 250m2, there are standard floors where there are 3 apartments, in addition, and there are two-level apartments with their own winter garden.

This object can solve the traffic problems on the city planning level, as well as to become a new point of attraction for the faceless areas.



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