City Healer Skyscraper

By:  | May - 2 - 2022

Honorable Mention
2022 Skyscraper Competition

Wang Changsi, Guo Fang, SiYuan Zhang

With the continuous expansion of the city scale and the continuous increase of the population, the “urban diseases” that are similar in the major cities have appeared. This design focuses on the problem of urban ecological distribution and utilization. The architect hopes to make the city natural through his own design. The organic combination of ecology and urban human ecology will form a self-sufficient urban ecological system that can make full use of clean natural energy to realize residential, office, commercial, and transportation activities.

The design is firstly designed as a single unit based on the needs of residents and is divided into two main functional systems: commercial and residential. The monomers in the two systems are designed separately, but they all follow the same rules: the spatial arrangement of the monomers is carried out through a parametric program, and all the monomers will be logically searched for their 3D spatial positions: 1. The secondary monomers are directed to Higher-level monomers that are close together, 2. The same monomers keep a sufficient distance, 3. There is a minimum distance between different monomers. Through these three logical building units, it will find its own reasonable position in the space. When the two systems are stabilized, structural reorganization is carried out to form a new complete system.

The monomers in the two systems are supported by a common large structural column, and the interior of the structural column serves as vertical traffic, connecting the buildings in series. According to the position of the monomer, the structural column extends into a petal-shaped cantilever structure to hold up the monomer and partially connects with the outer skin to realize the integration of the structure.

In order to ensure the living of users, the design will provide other service spaces, public activity spaces, and entertainment and leisure space. Design Different functional spaces are formed by designing different functions for several single prototypes. The functional spaces are organically combined through the connection relationship of the monomers.

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