Coal Power Plant Mutation

By:  | March - 2 - 2012

Honorable Mention
2012 Skyscraper Competition

Chipara Radu Bogdan

The incredibly destructive effects that coal plants cause to our natural environment are well documented and known, but 50,000 plants still operate the world over every day to power the planet, as green technology has not evolved to a point where they generate enough energy to replace fossil fuel processes. The “Coal Power Plant Mutation” project is a proposal for coal factory addendum, a skyscraper built over an existing factory that can reduce the amounts of harmful waste that spew from their chimney stacks while we wait for green technologies to take over.

The skyscraper coal cleansers are comprised of three long, tubular legs that join are built around the existing factory’s chimneys and meet high in the air to share a bio-filtering area that also has balloons to capture and hold waste particles. The structure is made out from multiple carbon-fiber steel props that are held together by a carbon-fiber steel mesh; the props are anchored in the existing foundation of the power plant. The chimneys rise 1,000 meters in the air; as the smokestack pollution rises through the tall skyscraper chimneys, tubes with various types of air filters with various densities are placed at different heights. The lower filters for carbon dioxide exhaustion use synthetic carbon fixation techniques, while filters located higher in the chimneys are bio-filters. , At the very top, the chimneys are equipped carbon and vapor capturing and filtering devices that keep the gasses from reaching the atmosphere. They are made of horizontal air pipes connected only to the exterior. The vapors condensate on them, and the resulting water is gathered and distributed back at the base.

The mesh that holds the skyscraper together is covered by a lightweight skin, a waterproof elastomer that isolates the gasses and vapors that are produced in the factory. (The skin keeps them separate, as the vapors and gasses mixing could lead to acid rain.) The skin has an area of 300,000 square meters and is covered with photovoltaic cells and air quality monitoring sensors.

The skin is also covered in LED lights as an instructive tool that promotes awareness. Most power plants are located close to cities; the LED lights shine vertical patterns to make people aware of their power demands and what these imply. The patterns change according to the inner and outer air quality, monitored by sensors.

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