Floating City

By:  | March - 2 - 2012

Honorable Mention
2012 Skyscraper Competition

Wei Zhao

天上人间 (Tian-shan-ren-jian – Heaven and Earth) is the physical manifestation of the traditional Shanshui painting, which aims to reach the ideal lifestyle.

Earth, with 7 billion people, is continuously increasing her load with three new babies born every second. With limited resources, the rapid growth of population has caused many problems included environmental degradation, ocean acidification, ozone holes, lack of fresh water, and constant loss of biodiversity.

The “Heaven and Earth” project is a utopia wonderland residing in the air. There are mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, and animals. It solves the problems that exist on Earth, including food, water, and housing.

Heaven and Earth is operated by the Maglev Technology to allow it to float in the air. The repulsion caused by the aircraft’s magnetic system and the Earth’s magnetic filed will control the floating city – there are a large number of molecular magnets distributed along the underside of the vessel. The rotation of the curved bottom can generate the power necessary for the city. This rotation could also maintain the balance of the flight. Small, magnetic suspension aircrafts are used as the transport links between the vessel and Earth.

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