Honorable Mention
2012 Skyscraper Competition

MADETOGETHER – Nikita Asadov

The race between countries, cities, and corporations to construct the highest structure is a challenge of pride and power. Our technological advances allowed for the construction of super-tall buildings – the higher they are, the more space they loose and the harder the engineering challenge becomes. The global financial crisis was the last decisive argument against such structures.

The House of Babel offers a radical revision for the common method of building a traditional home. With the help of aerostatic construction we can eliminate extra floors and elevate the building to almost any desired height. The post-crisis skyscraper is the house consisting of two floors connected with a high-speed elevator on a thin heavy-duty cable.

The first floor is located at ground level while the second floor is attached to the aerostatic bearing structure that holds it at a height of up to several kilometers. The upper floor has a fully sealed enclosure. For security purposes, the aerostatic dome has several compartments. The cable connecting the floors can shorten or lengthen, thus changing the height of the building. In normal mode, the house can be used as a traditional two-storey house. If necessary, the height can be increased. Finally, anyone can have the highest house in the world.

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