In Two Minds: Magnetic Cemetery

By:  | April - 10 - 2017

Honorable Mention
2017 Skyscraper Competition

Marine Joli, Judith Haggiag
France, Canada


New York is a multicultural city where many beliefs and religions coexist. Death gives rise to various dispositions, as evidenced by the many cemeteries in the city. Religion has an evolving character.

We assume that in the near future we will see a standardization of practices, beliefs, where attachment to the body will become non-existent. This sends to question the future of the cemetery. At present, in view of the increase of the population, verticalization appears as a solution against the shortage of urban spaces. The cemetery establishes itself by digging in the basement spaces proportional to the different religions, while making the case of the current problems. Then, the more it springs, the more the present spaces will detach themselves from the basic uses of the cemetery. It will become confused with the sky and then disappear : the cemetery has no place to be. This vertical edifice represents the image of the evolution of manners with respect to death, body and spirit.

The building itself detaches from its envelope. It is like the allegory of the progressive detachment of man from the body.

In the den of the cemetery there is a generator of magnetic waves and a reserve for the retransmission of energies. While being light, This system propels the platforms and makes them move horizontally and vertically. This technique offers greater freedom in the design of the building.

Challenging the systems of known distributions, this, offers a new way of apprehending spaces. By genera- ting a code, platforms are able to levitate from point A to point B. This means that the user has the possibility to choose the type of space he wants according to his needs As well as the route or the stops he wants to carry out within the building itself. It is the cemetery that modulates around the man, who’s static, remaining a prey to his mourning. It is reconsideration of the cemetery but also of the skyscraper and its capacities by magnetizing its spaces.

The notion of mourning being peculiar to each one, there is no way to apprehend it. In this image, the cemetery itself offers infinity of routes and atmospheres capable of meeting the needs of the visitors. For this purpose, a home screen with artificial intelligence recognizes users thanks to his fingerprints, in order to suggest to him possible routes according to his moods, desires and habits.



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