Honorable Mention
2019 Skyscraper Competition

Tony Leung, Miranda Chan
Hong Kong

In the age of “Level 5” (fully automated) autonomous driving, a vehicle (e.g. Toyota

E-Palette) can be adopted as Mobile Green house, travelling between farmers and buyers directly.

These vehicles can be charged at vertical “docks” equipped with PV charger and drainage system when idle. The best dock available will be selected by central computer and directed by GPS automatically to suit solar demand of different crops. The “dock” becomes a ever-changing organism with its own ‘metabolism’

Recent development in hydroponic technology makes vertical planting possible. Not only farmers but enthusiast or family can hire or own a mobile green house for weekend farming. The docking ports are connected by double spiral ramps; car lift and staircase are provided for services and pedestrian circulations.

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