Honorable Mention
2020 Skyscraper Competition

Adam Fernandez

MARS, a mythic red planet and God’s incarnation of the Roman wars are indispensable in the conquest of space today.

This planet is situated in the sun’s zone of habitability, but it currently rests in an inhospitable state for humanity. Previously, this planet was known to have living conditions similar to those on Earth as it contained both oceans and an atmosphere. Today, Mars has lost its magnetic field and is struck by solar winds. As a result, Mars is deprived of atmospheric pressure and of water. This star has transformed itself into a cold and radioactive world with temperatures averaging -53° C.

Nevertheless, research is advancing and theories are claiming that it will be possible to colonize Mars by terraforming it. NASA developed a concept presenting the creation of an artificial magnetosphere located at the specific site, called Lagrange L1, which is between Mars and the sun. At this specific site, it is necessary to create an object that generates a magnetic field with an intensity between 1-2 teslas that is capable of protecting Mars from cosmic rays.

MAGNETIC can rise to the challenge! This colossal “space-scraper” project will allow us to create an atmosphere for Mars that would make the planet inhabitable. MAGNETIC is a spaceship in the form of an airtight cylinder that is more than one kilometer in length and 650 meters in diameter placed in orbit between the two stars. This spaceship will be self-sufficient and generated by renewable energy by means of panels that can capture solar energy.

Part of the solar panels that cover the hull of the spaceship will be responsible for producing enough energy to generate the magnetic field in order to terraform Mars. Another part of the panels will be used to maintain the energy required by the inhabitants of the spaceship and to satisfy their domestic and leisure needs. This part will equally be used to generate the energy necessary for the spaceship itself notably to operate all machinery, the centers for research and observation, recycle waste products on-site and to treat air and water in a closed-circuit system.

The MAGNETIC spaceship will welcome a diverse population of about ten thousand people for the future colonization of Mars that will be principally charged with the maintenance of the space center. The heat and light will be transmitted through six gigantic columns in the heart of the island such as the filaments of a bulb. Once on-board the spaceship, the living spaces will be organized between the surface and subsurface.

On the surface, the habitations will be built around immense spaces filled with forest areas, animal shelters, agricultural zones, beaches and public places that will constitute a life similar to the one experienced on Earth. The subsurface levels will be reserved for the machinery and the factories.

The first inhabitants of the MAGNETIC spaceship will form the first civilization to participate in the regeneration project for Mars. They will live the experience like a preview of a successful science fiction film. Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of the first civilization involved in the colonization and investment in the first alternate living experience on planet Mars?

As for gravity, it will be produced by a centrifugal force. Mission duration: 2-3 centuries.

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