McFashion Skyscraper

By:  | April - 20 - 2020

Honorable Mention
2020 Skyscraper Competition

Jingxuan Yang, Jingwen Na, Tianhao Wu, Hangyi Guo

‘McFashion’, which is represented by H&M, ZARA, and GAP, has become a trend and spread all over the world. ‘McFashion’ is a sales model which always provides the latest clothes at the lowest prices. A ‘McFashion’ brand can launch more than 10, 000 saleable garments a year, and the average cycle from design to shelf is only about two weeks. But the debate over the environmental ethics of fast fashion is heating up.

According to a report, human beings over 100 billion pieces of clothing are consumed every year. Overall, 92 million tons of waste dumped into landfills each year comes from the industry. A separate report found that about 35 percent of microplastic pollutants are emitted while washing synthetic textiles, mostly by fast-fashion brands. It is clear that the environmental concerns caused by ‘McFashion’ should raise our attention.

We are trying to build a skyscraper with a whole clothes recycling system, from that we will create a new kind of vertical sales competition model. Those merchants will improve the clothes quality to raise their income, which means clothes can be sustainable and clothes pollution can be solved gradually.

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