Mudtrapper Skyscraper

By:  | April - 20 - 2020

Honorable Mention
2020 Skyscraper Competition

Surush Ameli, Sharareh Faryadi, Laya Rafianezhad, Soroush Attarzade

After thousands of years of living on the earth, have the man found a way to treat the mother of nature or is it still conflicting with it? Nature has always made all its sources available for mankind without any expectations! As a result of the development of technology and increasing the exploitation of nature, many problems and issues are occurring on the earth, climatically and globally; which cause the reaction of nature. According to the statistics of natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes, this reaction has been far increased. The reaction of humans to these disasters is a result of the interaction between natural and human forces. Sometimes this reaction is to deal with these disasters through technology and industry, and sometimes there is no way than giving up and facing many financial and life losses.

As a result, it could be found out that the main notion in this interaction, is the human mindset and the tendency to show his limited power. This project has attempted to advocate nature through making a paradigm shift in these critical conditions which the earth has been faced, and focus on the protection of it, instead of confronting. Confronting nature has had no result but regret and loss of capital. Therefore, by protecting nature, we would be able to not only reduce our distress but also make this antithesis of natural disasters to the thesis of exploitation of them and by the help of an exact mechanism, use the resulting synthesis to protect nature.

By paying attention to nature and its function, the forces that exist in it could be clarified. Focusing on the flood as a global issue, this project has tried to exploit it naturally. Generally, the destructive and antithesis issue in the flood is the existence of garbage, mud and the aquatic, which enter the residential areas by the pressure of the water, then after facing the obstacles, start to settle and become a threat to the environment.

By removing these destructive ingredients from the flood, this project reduces its destructive power and allows nature to make its way.

By placing the tower in the path of the flood, the animals are first rescued, then the garbage in the flood is removed, and finally, the mud enters the tower area with the flood and the exploitation operation begins. Balls made of several layers of sieve separate the mud from the water and enter the processing and store loop. In this loop, the operation of processing the mud, which is now our production material, is formed. Finally, as the balls exit the tower, the storage, and transfer operations take place. The flood, passing through the confines of the tower, is converted to a calm, refined stream which has used its destructive power to produce material and help its process, and then continues on its way.

This association with nature is not only productive for humans, but it is also beneficial to animals and nature.

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