Honorable Mention
2011 Skyscraper Competition

Studio DMTW
Marc Anton Dahmen, Rene Lierschaft, Anna-Maria Wiedekind


NeoTax is a proposal for a three-dimensional city grid as a response to dead ends, long connection paths, wasted area, and interference with surface-related bio-ecological processes generated by standard skyscrapers.

NeoTax is a three-dimensional infrastructure network organized in a horizontal and vertical street grid that offers short connection paths and higher urban density with better local communications, less social isolation, and higher number of neighbor interactions. This projects seeks to create a hyper-rectangle, where residents can occupy a building site on X, Y and Z coordinates.

The network is based on a modular system where each module can be viewed as a separate quarter or neighborhood. It is designed to be able to expand by adding new infrastructure modules with plug-in residences that are less dependent on specific terrain conditions.

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