Parallel Manhattan

By:  | April - 10 - 2017

Honorable Mention
2017 Skyscraper Competition

Zhiyong Dong, Jiongcheng Mou, Xiuping Han, Xingyu Liu


Manhattan is the most densely populated district of New York, where there are massive towering skyscrapers. Although the skyscraper is the hallmark of the modern metropolis, it’s necessary to pay attention to the existing problem when we concern the superiority of skyscrapers at the same time.

However, skyscrapers in saving the land are not absolutely, and it is actually have very high requirements on the surrounding environment, such as road traffic, virescence, parking, etc. The higher the building is, the more the need for the surrounding facilities and open areas. For the whole city, the density of dense high-rise buildings can not only bring inconvenience to people’s lives, but also make people feel depressed, and it’s not conducive to people’s physical and mental health.

In order to solve the problems such as the narrow space of the city, the traffic congestion and so on, we upgrade the ground, dividing the urban space into two independent parallel spaces. Ultimately, the parallel Manhattan born. Each person, or everything, will produce different results in different spaces, but the time in this space is the same as that of the original urban space.

The new urban space is created in the parallel space, which is characterized by diversified functions and diversified forms, which is suitable for the diversity of different needs, and provides users with many choices. All kinds of public spaces carry various functions such as transportation, communication, rest, walking, watching, fitness, entertainment, catering, presentation, education, celebration and other functions. A variety of people, a variety of activities, a variety of events and a variety of stories converge to generate the vitality of the place, which is the charm of parallel space. The residents and foreign tourists who are desirous to read the city, experience the city will choose to enter the parallel universe to enjoy the life, enjoy the happiness. Parallel space has become the source of city environment, the essence of multi-culture carrier and the unique charm of the existing building, also the intensive high-level problem of skyscrapers has been solved.

In view of the height of skyscrapers in Manhattan, we set up the parallel space above the ground 120m. Taking into account the lighting of the lower space, we choose glass as the main structural material. In a variety of building materials, due to the property of glass——reflective and transparent, the glass is not blocked from the original facade of the buildings. In terms of visual and spatial principles, existing buildings will not be weakened, and with light and movement of people, the whole space is endowed with vitality .For the structure, the shape of Pyramid, aspect ratio is 4:3, and majority hemline is 16m, minority 36m, in order to distinguish different space size. The netted steel not only plays the role of supporting and carrying, but also endows the glass with a kind of strength and beauty. Pyramid belongs to the ancient Egyptian where there are expansive. By using modern material to write the most ancient symbols, new glass Pyramid and Manhattan skyscrapers become into entirety.

Parallel space has important significance to establish the city space, project, and the new order. With the development of the city, the population density and the problem of traffic congestion will follow. Accordingly, the parallel Manhattan, the parallel New York, the parallel the United States or even the parallel world will successively come into being.



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