Rebirth Skyscraper

By:  | May - 8 - 2023

Honorable Mention
2023 Skyscraper Competition

Liu Shijia, Liu Jieyao, Dou Han

Ocean acidification is the loss of pH value caused by the absorption of excessive carbon dioxide from the air. The change of atmospheric carbon is mainly caused by natural factors, which lead to natural fluctuations of global climate. Affected by the wind, the atmosphere first melted to the ocean surface hundreds of feet deep, and in the next few centuries, it gradually spread to all corners of the sea floor. Therefore, human activities are intensifying ocean acidification. Ocean acidification threatens biological and ecosystem services, which in turn threatens food security, tourism, coastal protection and people’s livelihoods.

When coral is under the pressure of environmental change, coral bleaching will occur. These corals expel symbiotic algae from their tissues, so that their tissues become transparent, exposing the white limestone skeleton below. Other effects of coral bleaching include thinning of coral tissue, reduction of mucus, and inhibition of sexual reproduction. The increase of ocean acidity and pollution are the main factors leading to bleaching phenomenon. Due to the effects of ocean acidification caused by climate change, global warming and the increase of carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere, coral bleaching in the Earth’s oceans is becoming more frequent and serious. By 2050, more than 30% to 50% of the global coral species may be extinct.

The place we chose is located in the coastal area of the Great Barrier Reef, which is the largest and longest coral reef group in the world, with 1500 kinds of fish and more than 4000 kinds of molluscs. However, in recent years, coral reefs have been threatened by overexploitation, water pollution and climate change. In the past 30 years, the Great Barrier Reef has lost nearly 50% of its coral and is declining at a faster and faster rate.

This is a bionic building simulating the coral skeleton. The outer surface of the building is an artificial ecological coral reef made of algae and corals. Algae, cyanobacteria and seaweed benefit from carbon dioxide dissolved in seawater. Ocean acidification may help cyanobacteria to fix nitrogen and convert it into protein. Algae also absorb dissolved carbon dioxide from water to produce calcium carbonate. It is not only conducive to the attachment and growth of coral larvae and the transplantation of corals, but also conducive to the habitat, shelter, growth and breeding of coral reef organisms. At the same time, corals continue to absorb carbon dioxide in seawater through photosynthesis, which can achieve the dual effects of coral restoration and seawater deacidification, thus forming an independent, complete and stable coral reef ecological chain. Utilize the self-circulation system of carbon dioxide, algae and coral to purify the surrounding waters and restore the marine ecosystem.

Life originated in the ocean,it is not only the rebirth of coral but also the rebirth of humanity.


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