Honorable Mention
2022 Skyscraper Competition

Mohammad Pirdavari

The construction of a villa is considered a great way to facilitate vacation accommodations for any family, to easily frequent their trips. Site locations for villas are most of the time, a place in the heart of pleasant natural resources, which construction of a villa, would ruin the existing ecosystem. In addition, having a traditional villa will cost a fortune, which is multiplied considering the fact that people want to idealize their villa, as their dream house! Limitations of the construction industry, in terms of land use, and lack of access to distant places, are also insurmountable. These are all just a gist of the reasons why the construction of a villa should be revised meticulously. This design of mine is a state-of-the-art, idea, which is a great way to overcome these challenges and create a new exceptional viewpoint. A self-sufficient, flying unit, creates a totally different living experience for the residents, in which they are free to choose their ideal climatically destination, no difference how high or low, how cold or warm! An ideal accommodation, which does not add up the expenses, because it gets charged via the solar cells of the facade, and also via the connected nest. A brilliant, eco-friendly, idea that tears down mental barriers as well as economic and environmental limitations.

Numerous transferable units, located on a host building, creates a giant skyscraper, a vertical, energy self-sufficient garden and residential complex which facilitates living in a dreamy house, at any other location, at any time, that could be another interpretation of Le Corbusier’s famous phrase: “a house is a machine for living” for the human of 21st century. I am pointing to a kind of high-tech architecture that enables the new generations to live in their dreamy house without any barriers to locating! Experiencing different seasons in different locations; in a wide variety of climates and sceneries, with almost no environmental cost, is a priceless gift to the architecture world.

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