Honorable Mention
2011 Skyscraper Competition

Dalho Yang, Seungdon Jung
Republic of Korea

One of the most famous buildings in New York is the former New York Times headquarters known as One-Time-Square. The skyscraper opened in 1905 and has been through several renovations and transformations ever since. It is the place where New Yorkers and the world celebrate the New Year with the famous drop ball. Another interesting fact is that its façade is almost entirely covered by the most expensive billboards in the world which cost more than $10,000 per hour.

This proposal seeks to transform the infamous building into a vertical amusement park. The project explores the potential of using a roller coaster as means of transportation between the different programs. It is an exploration of transportation in three dimensions which has never been tested and tries to break the norm of using elevators and horizontal corridors. The park is divided in zones specifically catalogued with different colors with each zone composed of a series of modules attached to a primary steel exoskeleton.

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