Honorable Mention
2013 Skyscraper Competition

Shinypark, Liu Tang, Lyo Heng Liu
South Korea, China

Building an underwater city is the main goal of this project that responds to the sea level rise in the upcoming decades. The US National Research Council estimates that in this century alone, the sea level will rise between 50 and 200 centimeters – leaving some existing cities underwater.

The project has been designed as a floating bowl with a massive atrium open to the sky where sunlight will be able to reach all the underwater levels. The geometry is composed of an array of boxes in different sizes that allow for very specific program delineation. The stepping and shifting of volumes create and intricate system of terraces and voids imagined as community and leisure areas. The project also resembles a traditional hillside town with a network of stairs connecting the various levels. Providing views to the mysterious world beneath the water surface is a priority of the design while vegetation also plays an important role in the design. The idea is to provide as much green surface as possible for parks, farms, and oxygen generation.

In addition, the city has been designed to rotate according to light exposure and transported to different locations around the globe.

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