Self-built Air Hospital

By:  | May - 8 - 2023

Honorable Mention
2023 Skyscraper Competition

Yang Xiaopeng

On February 24, 2022, on the orders of President Putin,Russia suddenly invaded Ukraine. The world was shocked by the war , and most countries condemned Russia. The war launched by Russia quickly killed thousands of Ukrainian civilians. All parts of Ukraine were full of blood, tears and broken families. The casualties caused by the war have rapidly exhausted Ukraine’s medical resources.

Lack of medical resources is just one of the problems,and the other is the transportation of the wounded.It is not easy to transfer the wounded in the war,the closer the hospital is to the front line, the worse the medical facilities are. If we want to rescue the seriously injured, we have to transport the wounded to the hospital in the far big city. The artillery shells and the damaged roads make the evacuation of the wounded dangerous and slow, which makes many of the wounded finally die.

In the face of a large number of wounded in the war, the best way to alleviate the shortage of medical resources is to build a modular temporary hospital, which can be built in a very short time.In the face of transferring the wounded , according to the graded treatment system for the wounded in the army, the seriously injured should be sent to the rear hospital by helicopter for rescue, while the slightly injured should take the ambulance.

The main concept of self-built air hospital is to carry out rapid production and construction through modularization, reduce the required construction machinery and on-site operation time through self-built lifting platform, enhance the efficiency of air emergency transportation through helicopter platform and supporting aviation facilities, and obtain better supporting resources in the city center through the form of skyscrapers.

The whole skyscraper is composed of external frame supporting structure, modular ward unit, membrane outer wall, and lifting platform with overhead traveling crane, helicopter platform and hangar. During the construction of skyscrapers, the lifting platform is assembled first, then the crane on the lifting platform completes the external frame support structure of the first floor, then the modular ward units are filled in as required, and finally the membrane outer wall is covered on the entire unit group, and can be adjusted according to the number of units. After the completion of the first floor, the mechanical arm of the lifting platform climbs up the external frame to make room at the bottom, and then repeats the above process to carry out the construction of the next floor.

Finally, the height of the skyscraper hospital is determined according to the number of ward units required, and the crane of the lifting platform is used to expand and disassemble the floor when necessary.


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