Singapore’s Waterfront

By:  | March - 7 - 2011

Honorable Mention
2011 Skyscraper Competition

Giorgi Khmaladze
Republic of Georgia

The proposed building is located in Singapore’s waterfront and will serve as an extension to the existing financial district. Considering Singapore’s climate and its insufficient water resources, the emphasis on the design is set on building strategies to utilize natural ventilation, rainwater and provide shaded outdoor spaces. In addition, the project seeks to create the perfect home with its own garden and in close proximity to Singapore’s downtown.

The tower is positioned at a 20 degree angle to the site to face the nearby waterfront. It is porous and allows the wind to pass through. This structural strategy creates a vast shaded atrium with bridges that connect the two sides of the tower, serve as extra structural support, and accommodate various mixed-use programs.

The base, which resembles a terrain with rich vegetation, forms two outdoor swimming pools, public gardens, and sports facilities. A huge water reservoir for rainwater stretches along the entire building across the atrium while connecting the outdoor pools.

Each residence or villa consists of a two storey apartment and shaded private garden. Various unit configurations form a porous facade with seemingly random pattern of voids. These openings allow shaded private terraces with vegetation and create corridors for natural ventilation and the location of wind turbines.

A hotel and offices are located in the middle levels, where the porosity of the building changes from a series of small openings to larger ones. This allows spaces for hotel rooms and offices while keeping enough openings for natural light and ventilation.

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