Sphera: 2150 Megacity

By:  | March - 12 - 2013

Honorable Mention
2013 Skyscraper Competition

Santi Musmeci, Sebastiano Maccarrone

By 2100 it will be extremely unhealthy to live in megacity areas and people will migrate to the countryside seeking cleaner air, food, and water. By 2150 megacities like Beijing, Jakarta, New York, and London will be abandoned ghost cities and automated bulldozers will be sent to demolish buildings and infrastructures, saving only sites of historical value. By recycling the demolished material, the bulldozers will start the construction of Sphera.

Sphera is a new type of living environment, where the citizens of the world will live during the “earth’s regeneration”, by using innovative and sustainable energies. At the same time, the purpose of Sphera is to build an entirely new civilization, where people will try to redesign their culture and generate a sustainable society by creating a global-resource based economy that enables all people to reach their highest potential, a society that protects and preserves its environment.

All people, regardless of political views, social customs and religion, ultimately require the same resources, such as clean air and water, arable land, medical care, and relevant education.

Each Sphera provides all the  needs of a human being and can hold 4 million inhabitants. Sphera is divided into different areas, from bottom to top: factories, research, educational, mixed use, and residential.

Included in the idea of self-sufficiency is the automatization of the production, distribution, and disposal lines, and thereby allowing Spehra’s inhabitants to develop their diversity and explore their individuality.


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