Sports Tower

By:  | March - 7 - 2011

Honorable Mention
2011 Skyscraper Competition

Sergiy Prokof`yev, Olga Prokof`yeva

One of the most iconic building typologies of all civilizations has been the sports arena; being a gladiator’s coliseum in ancient Rome, Olympic tracks in Greece, or soccer stadiums in the modern world , competitions and tournaments have been an integral part of the development of our cultures. Nowadays, with a variety of sports and the need of several specific facilities, urban planners have usually scattered them in different areas of the cities according to available land, communication routes, and existing infrastructure.

This project proposes a vertical complex that would accommodate a variety of sports facilities in one site. The main intention is to create a cluster of functions that would alleviate multiple areas of a city and make the most efficient use of a specific site. Users and fans will be allowed to freely move between stadiums and matches. A public complex that will be in use the majority of the day and that would be able to host international events, including the Soccer World Cup, Olympics, and Tennis tournaments. Its diversity in sports and visiting people would allow for new interactions between people of different nationalities and social backgrounds.

Although the ‘Sports Tower’ could be located in any part of the world, this specific project is situated on the bank of the Dnieper River in Ukraine. It consists of a series of structural modules in various sizes that, through different combinations, allow for diverse programs. Large blocks are used for soccer stadiums, while medium sizes are swimming pools, tennis courts, and basketball and volleyball courts. The top and smaller levels of the tower contain a hotel, restaurant, observation deck and other recreational areas.

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