Honorable Mention
2019 Skyscraper Competition

Paula Domka, Oliver Siekierka

People tend to destroy our planet. Looking forward to explore the universe for seeking a new home. This vision shows the possibility to create a new place for us, next to our roots, thus giving them space to breathe and resurrect the second life.

We live in times of unlimited possibilities and freedom. On a daily basis no one is thinking about the sources of energy supplied to virtually any device. We do not compare what has changed over the centuries. The world is running forward and you

either keep pace or you are far behind and you can never make up for it anymore. However, there are people, events, exhibitions, works of art, performances that occasionally shake the world. They show statistics, problems, possibilities, sometimes even solutions, but in a strange way it seems only to pass through us and disappear like an echo. On the second day, everyone goes on, not remembering.

Researchers are looking for answers and are trying to find solutions to alarming phenomena on earth. Unlikely, it seems not to be a priority for most of us. What truly counts is power and money. A vision of settling on mars, flying on the moon, traveling into space. All this does not relate to what state of threat the earth is by ourselves. We do not think what to do for the next generations or ourselves. The human being is a rational being and he has power, but he has forgotten that all nature is ruling by its own laws.

All these uneasy actions prompted a reflective, theoretic idea and manifesto created to emphasize the Earth problem and to make the recipient to  think about it.

The architectural space does not resemble that known today, technological progress allows new solutions that completely disqualify those currently known to us. For this reason, the drawings drawn up are unusual in their form. Reading them, one should not look for an obvious analogy to the present solutions.

The Sky Hub is build up from three different parts and each of them is founded on a various heights.

The first part of the body is located on the ground. it is a landing site for drone drones serving as a transfer station for communication between the land and the suspended structure.

The building, resembling a pill, perfectly suits the assumptions of sustainable construction. We can specify three zones: the central one is a functional part, while the border zones have a technological and technical task. They work in an antagonistic manner. One stores the resources needed for existence, while the lower part of the building, renews energy and processes waste. All reactions form a symbolic shape similar to the number 0 – the zero-emissivity ideology.

The layer with sun umbrellas is the most distant part of the body. It has a purely technological task without access for users. The shape of the recycled umbrella makes it easier to draw energy from the solar prominences. This is the main energy source of the structure.

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