Urban Bypass Surgery

By:  | May - 2 - 2022

Honorable Mention
2022 Skyscraper Competition

Yi Liu, Baichao Wang, Hao Zhang, YiHui Gao, ZongHao Yang, Shiliang Wang

Changchun is one of the most important cities in China. At the beginning of the last century, urban designers of Changchun carried out the road network system with reference to the theory of Howard’s “Garden City”. The urban transportation in Changchun is a system formed by multiple city squares as the center and roads as the axis, which initially established the main roads in the urban area of Changchun, and this urban layout is still in use today.

With the economic development and population growth of Changchun, the advanced urban transportation system can no longer meet the needs of the city. Although the city square connects several main urban roads, it is very easy to cause traffic jams in the surrounding area of the square during the peak urban traffic hours. For many years, Changchun is one of the cities which has the highest urban traffic jam rates in China. The main framework of the city cannot be changed, and we urgently need to create a new method and model to solve this problem.

This design distributed a number of transportation centers in the busy urban squares in Changchun. The interior of these transportation centers includes an urban cable car system that extends in all directions, a three-dimensional green landscape, and a number of residential and commercial space units. People gather here and take the cable car to any parts of the city. The vertical green landscape system can absorb the automobile exhaust air. The movable and detachable residential and commercial units enrich the center’s commerce system and provide citizens with a convenient urban life.

The designed transportation center is located in all urban squares in Changchun city. This design takes People’s Square as an example. It is the largest and most representative urban square in Changchun. It is located in the geographical center of Changchun and has many roads radiating around it. The design selects three important roads separated by 120°as the main design axes of the transportation center. In addition to serving as transportation routes, these three main axes also serve as high-line green parks which can divide the surrounding area, extending to the top of the transportation center. The three main axes converge together and extend upwards, forming the whole shape of the transportation center. There are countless residential units scattered on the entire transportation center surface. The form of the units responds to the traditional rural dwellings in Northeast China, the units providing convenient and reliable accommodation for all people.

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