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By:  | May - 8 - 2023

Honorable Mention
2023 Skyscraper Competition

Haoru Dai, Weitong Zhao, Zhengzheng Wang, Tianjiao Li, Wenqing Qi, Jiabao Chen

With the rapid development of industry, skyscrapers have become a symbol of the internationalization of metropolises. However, there are many inherent problems in the basic system of typical skyscrapers. For example, the lack of use of external space among high-rise buildings, the lack of diversity of interconnection, and many defects and hidden dangers gradually exposed in safety, health and environmental protection, coupled with the rapid lifting of elevators, led to dizziness, nausea and other “superhigh-rise building syndrome”, which cooled down the “high-rise fever”.

Due to a single architectural form, a large number of glass curtain walls absorb and reflect sunlight, forming a sun room, and at the same time explode outward, which is very harmful to people. The surge in demand for housing in high-density cities has caused congestion between buildings and brought about the problem of the tidal peak of traffic flow. Faced with the current high-intensity lifestyle, people lack the time to get in touch with nature and the opportunity to breathe. Skyscrapers damage people’s equal access to light and fresh air, and their shadows will prevent healthy sunlight from shining on the low buildings below. Currently, there is an urgent need for a concept that takes into account the diverse needs of economy, life, ecology and safety, actively cracks the “big city disease” and promotes the slimming and fitness of mega-cities to better serve people.

The project is located in Manhattan, New York, the world’s skyscraper capital, and New York, as the second birthplace of the world’s skyscrapers, forms a huge skyscraper complex based on the Siegram Building. By 2022, there are 6,486 completed high-rise buildings in the New York, with a total of 302 buildings over 150 meters high.

In Manhattan, New York, most people are office workers. The number of residential houses within 100 M of the site selection center is very small, and the daytime population is seven times that of permanent residents, so there is a great shortage of housing resources. In addition, the population gap between day and night in the region is more than 30,000, and the highest gap can reach more than 90,000, which placesgreat pressure on local traffic. Traffic jams have become the norm, which makes the already overwhelmed road traffic system in New York more paralyzed and people miserable.

To break the existing vertical skyscraper system and change the local income imbalance, the gap between the rich and the poor,and the population changes day and night. Many different sizes of rail systems are used to connect the two skyscrapers, with a certain distance at the corresponding height, and a cubic space of 7*5*5 m is suspended below it. At the same time, it is used as a living unit and a sports unit to reduce the pressure on the city during the morning and evening rush hours. Continue to divide the plates in the track into platforms for public services, and at the same time take plants as invasive elements to break the original buildings and restore the life between skyscrapers. Expand the urban space from another angle in the Z-axis direction, and improve the urban community in space.

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